You Can Finally Have A Website that Makes Amazon Associate Money...Solid, Recurring, and Professional

Hi, I'm Ken.  My sites earn.  My sites rank.  They're well written with solid reviews that convert and articles that search engines love.  The keyword research is done as well as a market analysis.  They're true niche sites that make money.  

New July Amazon Review Sites: Get One Now!

Phew…so, I’ve been busy.  Building Amazon sites for lots of happy customers takes a little bit of time!  Plus, I got this sweet  new gig at PBNHQ as Business Manager (what, what…)  So, I’m wicked excited to introduce the new Amazon Money site build out plans for July and August.  Here’s the deal:  I’m going […]

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Learn How to Make Money Money, Make Money Money with Content Ken and Amazon Review Sites

FREE 15 minutes of Skype Consultation!! That’s right.  Not only do I sell money making sites and fresh, money site builds, I also like to pass it on and teach people how to make their own money making sites with good niche selection, keyword research, product reviews, backlinking, traffic, and then earn. I’m happy to […]

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Setting Your Online Income and Revenue Goals

If you don’t have goals then you’ll never achieve shit.  Thing is, many people have goals but they don’t know it.  Or, they do know it but they haven’t effectively defined what they are. As we’re mid-way through 2016, I decided it was time to look at my own goals and see where I was […]

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New Sites for Sale and Coming Soon!

I thought I would do it this way, this time, in regards to new sites ready and those that are coming. I just posted 2 sites that are built out on the Sites for Sale Page.  One is out of the sandbox and earning a bit.  The other is a fresh build targeting some really good […]

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My Product Review Structure using EasyAzon v4


I guess there’s a lot to be said about my Amazon Conversion Rate.  Right now I’m at 13% for the current month and since the beginning of the year my conversion rate is 13.88%.  I didn’t put much thought into it until Doug from NSP pointed it out, but that is kind of good.  I […]

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WP Product Review PRO Review

The biggest thing with Amazon Review sites is to make sure that you get eyes on your reviews.  The more eyes on, the more interested buyers may click over to Amazon and either buy the product your promoting, a related product, or something just random.  Amazon is good like that. Without a proper product review […]

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How I Took an Amazon Review Site From $0 to $2500 p/m (in 15 months!)

This has kind of been a wild month.  I’ve told myself that I won’t publish monthly earnings reports anymore and instead concentrate on quarterly earnings…but I really, really want to.  I’m not even going to give you a long, story-like introduction here.  I’m just gonna’ jump right into the meaty part of this post which […]

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Comments on Niche Sites: Yes or No?

I’ve read that some people don’t like to have the ability to comment turned on when it comes to their Amazon niche sites.  To me, this is just lazy.  They want traffic.  They want people to come to their sites and read up on a product or a review and then to click over to […]

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$100 Per Day from One Niche Site

How big is your DInc?  Err..Daily Income Goal. So, DInc-G, I guess I like the article over at Niche Site Project titled “How Many Niche Sites Do You Need to Quit Your Day Job”.  I’m a big Doug Cunnington fan.  He seems to have  a more level headed, patient outlook on the whole internet money […]

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Is the Niche You Want the Right Niche for You?

I read a lot about people who make money online with niche sites and, in particular, Amazon review niche sites.  For the record, I know that people make Amazon store sites work and make money but I haven’t tried it yet.  I’m thinking about it, though.  Anyway, back to the point… This post has been […]

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