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Sites Done the Right Way: To Rank and To Earn

I’m not here to sugar coat anything for you.  Building an affiliate site that ranks and brings in money on a consistent basis isn’t easy.  If it were, you wouldn’t be here.

Beginners: If you want that Amazon affiliate site that you’ve always heard about but never been able to achieve on your own, I’d be happy to get you started.

Intermediates: If you’re a marketer that wants to add to a portfolio and save you the time-suck from creating new sites, I’d love to be your site builder.

My name’s Ken. I enjoy building Amazon review sites that rank and earn.

Let’s get you started today!

I make sites that do this in ONE YEAR!

Rank Quick. Convert Well. Earn Steady

My sites rank quickly for Low Comp BUYER keywords.  They start earning as soon as possible.  This takes the frustration for you out of the game.

Conversion of 14.59%!?  I work hard on CRO by placing proper calls-to-action in the right place with the right wording.

I Deliver Mini-Businesses that You can Grow.

I’ve long said that every niche site should be considered and treated as a mini-business.  Just like any business you see online or off there is more than just affiliate links or products with price tags.  Having a thriving online business includes so much more than that:

  • Fresh content and growth

  • Good Branding

  • Outreach

  • Systems

  • Patience

  • Perserverance

I give you a great foundation (most of my sites are indexed before delivery!) that you can then grow into a business that you can be proud of. This isn't turn-key. This is real.

If you’re looking for a churn and burn, then this isn’t the site for you.  I treat all of my sites like my babies and I design and create sites for others hoping they won’t just push it into a corner and check their Amazon earnings every 5 minutes and expect miracles.

Ordering is Simple...and Developed to Suit Your Needs:

Step 1-

Choose look at the packages below and find the one that suits you the best.  Click “Order Now”

Step 2-

After Check Out at PayPal, you’ll be brought to a Thank You page with a contact form. Simply use the drop down for the order type that you chose and leave any message or preferences you have.  We’ll be in touch!

Step 3-

Relax and wait for your niche site to be delivered in the agreed upon time frame!

Choose your plan

  • Niche and Keyword Research
  • Custom Logo
  • Domain Registration (if need)
  • Site Set up
  • Affiliate Links and CTA’s
  • Premium Theme
  • Plugins and Config
  • Written Content (General Articles)
  • Homepage
  • Comparison Chart
  • Infographic
  • Hosting
  • Images
  • On Page SEO
  • Web 2.0
  • IFTT Setup for Social and Web 2.0

Basic Package

  • 2 x 750 words
  • 4k words with CTAs
    Lorem ipsum dolor si amet, at ferri regione quo, quis lucilius elei vim te. Et eum omitt an menandri, hastoi mucius graeco liortis cu, inani et vis.
  • (5 points)

Content + Package

  • 5 x 750 words
  • 4k words with CTAs
  • (5 Points)
  • (10)

Rankings + Content Package PLUS

  • 6 x 750 words
  • 5k words with CTAs
  • (2 x 10 points)
  • Lorem ipsum dolor si amet, at ferri regione quo, quis lucilius elei vim te. Et eum omitt an menandri, hastoi mucius graeco liortis cu, inani et vis.
  • (20)


Arthur W.“Ken did a really great job designing and creating my site. He helped me narrow down what Amazon niche to go after, did the keyword research, and put everything together perfectly. And at a great price. I highly recommend him and his services for anyone considering getting an Amazon site created.”

Christian “At first I was a bit hesitant about buying one of Kens Amazon sites. I had previously purchased a site from another seller and the experience was a nightmare. However, my experience with Ken was a pleasant surprise. He sold me a quality looking site with premium content and well researched long tail keywords. Unlike the previous seller, Ken didn’t just walk away after the transaction was completed. He made himself readily available to answer any and all questions that I had about maintaining my new site. If you are considering buying one of his Amazon sites or a custom made one, I highly recommend you hire Ken for a stress free no BS experience.”

Samuel- “Received my site from Ken.  Great design with great content and articles.  Communication was good, and he provided site details and guides when the job was done.  He knows what he is doing, you can trust him to make you a good site.  Now, I’m looking forward to my 1st Amazon sale and I know it should not take long.”

David- “I had a site that wasn’t making getting much traffic and was certainly not making any money! I contacted Ken and asked him if, instead of building a completely new site, he could revamp the existing site for me. He said he could, set about the task and several days later had finished the job.   He’s done a superb job on improving the site beyond all recognition including changing the theme, adding a logo, rearranging, rewriting, improving and adding new content. On top of all that, he’s suggested a way forward for the site including providing a list of lower competition keywords to use.  I am very pleased with the job Ken has done and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his Amazon site building service to anyone.”  

Frequently asked Questions

I’ve build all sorts of sites in all different niches in the past.  I don’t specialize in any one niche but rather have deep experience with many.

After you order:

I research the market, competition and keywords using: Amazon, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Jungle Scout.

I start writing content/outsource content, order a logo, etc.

Once everything is in hand, I build the site with CTAs, images, charts, etc.

I have a pretty streamlined (NOT automated) process I follow with most niche site builds.

Yes.  Once you have decided that you want a site and you order I will research 5 niches that are capable of earning money and relatively easy to rank.  I’ll present those 5 niches to you and expect you to make a timely decision.  This additional research is at no cost to you, however I expect that decisions will be made.

I love using Newspaper by tagDiv  (aff) because of its versatility.  However, if you want a more niche feel to the site then I have a multi-site license with AuthorityAzon, as well.

Not much.  You’ll need to help a bit during transfer of the site because I’ll need access to your hosting and registrar.  Also, I’ll need your Amazon AWS info and affiliate ID if you want me to do the affiliate integration.

Shoot me a message on Facebook or Skype (muisingscontent) and I can show you some samples.

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Select your package. I'll be in touch to discuss your project and then we'll get to work on developing you a top-notch Amazon review site at a great price.

Reach Me on Skype at Anytime (Usually):  MuisingsContent