You Can Finally Have A Website that Makes Amazon Associate Money...Solid, Recurring, and Professional

Hi, I'm Ken.  My sites earn.  My sites rank.  They're well written with solid reviews that convert and articles that search engines love.  The keyword research is done as well as a market analysis.  They're true niche sites that make money.  

Rank Easy, Build Topical Relevance and Link Out!

I’ve been working out in my head how to really, really target the the link juice flow from one page to another within my sites.  The on-page SEO should be well thought out on all of your Amazon review sites in order to get the best ranking and most eyes on (resulting in the most […]

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There Has Been An Awakening: CK Year in the Review

Content Ken: Year in Review It’s been a hella’ year, my friends.  There’s been ups and downs but most of all there was an awakening.  (No, I don’t mind paraphrasing Snoke from The Force Awakens). At the beginning of this year I read an article over NicheSiteAzon by Mike.  I’m pretty sure that I have […]

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Biggest Black Friday Sale on Amazon Review Sites!

I’m offering 35% on my “Sites Ready to Build” Service.  You get it all that I usually do for $460 for a whopping low price of $299!!   I’m also offering 25% off of my fresh build service.  So, instead of a fresh built Amazon Review for $460 you get it for $345! For this […]

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Amazon Review Sites Internal Linking Structure


Most people who are new to website ranking make their biggest SEO mistakes on page.  And it’s expected.  There is so much information out there on PBNs, Social Fortresses, IFTTT, Web 2.0, guest blogging, outreach, etc. that the typical person gets so caught up in off-page SEO that they miss the boat on on-page. It’s […]

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Get the Ultimate Amazon Review Site with Content Ken and PBN HQ

Some things just naturally go together.  Peanut butter & Jelly.  Sonny and Cher.  Anchovies & Pizza. And then, there’s PBN HQ and Content Ken.  Sure, I’m the business manager over at PBN HQ since about 2 months ago.  However, Steve and Doug only halfway threatened my job if I didn’t do a guest post on […]

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Zero Bullshit Amazon Review Site Earning Secrets

These are the tips that will put above the rest.  Why? Because these tips will make your site real.  Not just some small, uncared for, throw it against the wall and see if it sticks, typical Amazon review site.  Yup.  That’s what most people do. I’m a big, big proponent of using the Amazon affiliate […]

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How Long Does it Take for an Amazon Review Site to Earn?

  I’ve gotten a lot of questions asking me how long it takes the sites that I build to earn money or make sales. I figured I’d answer it in this post based upon my experience in the last 2 years of building them. First, let me set the rules, here. I’m not talking about […]

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How Important is Transparency to an Online Business?

I’m about to find out the answer to that question in this post. I’ve decided to be totally transparent about my very first unsatisfied customer in my site build business.  In all fairness to me, the customer stated that he was happy with the site but that there were some issues that he couldn’t let […]

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How to Join Amazon Affiliates, Set Up Your Access ID and Get a Secret Access Key

I get a lot of questions on how to get an Amazon Access ID and Secret Access ID when I’m hired to build review sites.  So, I figured I’d write up a quick guide on how to do it and why it’s important to you. This is a very important part in setting up an […]

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Learn How to Make Money Money, Make Money Money with Content Ken and Amazon Review Sites

FREE 15 minutes of Skype Consultation!! That’s right.  Not only do I sell money making sites and fresh, money site builds, I also like to pass it on and teach people how to make their own money making sites with good niche selection, keyword research, product reviews, backlinking, traffic, and then earn. I’m happy to […]

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