You Can Finally Have A Website that Makes Amazon Associate Money...Solid, Recurring, and Professional

Hi, I'm Ken.  My sites earn.  My sites rank.  They're well written with solid reviews that convert and articles that search engines love.  The keyword research is done as well as a market analysis.  They're true niche sites that make money.  

Comments on Niche Sites: Yes or No?

I’ve read that some people don’t like to have the ability to comment turned on when it comes to their Amazon niche sites.  To me, this is just lazy.  They want traffic.  They want people to come to their sites and read up on a product or a review and then to click over to […]

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$100 Per Day from One Niche Site

How big is your DInc?  Err..Daily Income Goal. So, DInc-G, I guess I like the article over at Niche Site Project titled “How Many Niche Sites Do You Need to Quit Your Day Job”.  I’m a big Doug Cunnington fan.  He seems to have  a more level headed, patient outlook on the whole internet money […]

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Is the Niche You Want the Right Niche for You?

I read a lot about people who make money online with niche sites and, in particular, Amazon review niche sites.  For the record, I know that people make Amazon store sites work and make money but I haven’t tried it yet.  I’m thinking about it, though.  Anyway, back to the point… This post has been […]

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I Just Caught iWriter with Their Pants Down: DO NOT USE


There are very, very few services that I would outright dog like this.  But I’m going to.  Because they deserve it and YOU deserve to warned. Over the past couple of years I’ve ordered 74 articles from iWriter.  That may be a lot less than some, but to me, it represents a pretty good chunk […]

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1st Quarter Niche Site Earnings Update and Investing in Niche Sites

Yeah.  It’s been a while.  I’m still struggling with running my money sites and also bringing this site online with enough valuable content to be worth something to someone.  I’m not gonna’ give many excuses about not posting here in a while but suffice it to say that deciding to maximize profit by doing most […]

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Niche Site 1 November and December Amazon Earnings

This will be a pretty drummed down earnings report from Amazon for November and December 2015.  Mainly because I read a lot of earnings reports myself and feel that they are a little bit long winded.  I don’t mind being transparent but I also feel that there is just so much information that you really […]

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October 2015 Amazon Earnings Report

I’m going to have to change these earnings reports up a little bit.  I’ve realized that I’ve been messing up by not divulging my total earnings from all of my niche sites mostly because I really don’t want to divulge how many Amazon sites I have and what exactly they’re all making. However, I understand […]

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Step 6: Monitor Rankings and Decide

monitor niche site rankings and metrics

Okay…so the first 5 Steps of Creating Amazon Review Sites that Earn are done.  You can see them at these locations: Step 1:  Niche Choice and Keyword Research Step 2:  Getting Domains and Hosting Step 3:  Structuring the Website  Step 4: Content Creation and Reviews Step 5:  Initial Links and Getting Momentum And, now, here […]

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How to Stay on Task and On Schedule with Niche Sites

I’m a busy guy.  I have a full-time job.  I run this online business.  Oh, and I also manage and write for my own money blogs.  It takes up a lot of time.  Plus, I have to balance my career with my online work AND a girlfriend who is 10 years younger than me.  It […]

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Step 5: Initial Links and Getting Some Momentum

In my opinion this is the most difficult step in the whole process.  Why?  Well, if you’re going white hat then you really have no control over how much people like your content and how many links, how much traffic, and how many sales you get on your site.  This is the step that really […]

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