My Story

My Story

by Ken

This is My Story

amazon-niche-sites-that-earnMy name is Ken Muise.  I’ve been in the US Army for 21+ years.  I’m a dad.  A New England Patriots and Boston sports fan.  I’m a helluva’ boyfriend and a good looking dude…

…and this is the
spot where I’m supposed to tell you all the rest about me and how I got started creating niche sites, how great it’s been, how much I made and
you can make, and then…#boom…You’re motivated and you’re going to be cranking out your own money making Amazon niche sites after reading my stuff.

Not the case.  Sorry.

My road to this point was not quick or easy.  It was painful.  It was riddled with disappointment.

It was fun, though.  I’m a sucker for punishment, I guess.  But most of all, I just hate to fail and love to keep trying.

The fact that I’m still here and writing this page after all that time just proves how much I love building websites and seeing if they can turn a profit.  If not…I kill them.


I’m from Massachusetts.  I’m the embodiment of the term “Masshole”.  I come off rough sometimes and my language isn’t flowery.   As Mr. Balboa said: “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.”

I’m only kind of a badass and a tough guy, though and even being an “asshole” is all about perception, right?  However, my outward demeanor sometimes does rub people the wrong way.  Please consider this as me fulfilling my responsibility to anyone’s sensitivity.

Story Time

In 2010 I moved from Massachusetts to Maryland for work. I’m military and my new station was Fort Meade, MD. (Yuck, btw) I was married at the time and the family decided they wanted to remain in Massachusetts since the kids had grown up there and my ex-wife was going to school and working nearby. Fine. Whatever. I’m out…

So, off I went. A geo-bachelor!

However, maintaining two households (one in Massachusetts and my apartment in Maryland) quickly became too much to handle and I needed more money. I didn’t want to work a second job after Soldiering all day…and the Army has particular issues with that, anyways.

After doing a little bit of research about writing online for money I landed at places like London Brokers (or something like that…can’t really remember the URL) but they paid peanuts for content writing. I mean, the pay was shit. I often wrote 750 words for about $3. However, it was money that I desperately needed so I churned out lots of content. LOTS OF CONTENT.

After a while I moved “up the ladder” to places like Textbroker, Skyword (where I was fired from! Email me for that THAT story…LOL), Break Studios, WriterAccess, and even did some writing on Fiverr for a bit.

It made money…bad money, but it was money that I desperately needed at the time.

It’s funny, though. I didn’t know how bad that money was for a long time. Now that I’m making good money, almost passively, with my Amazon Review Sites I really want to punch myself in the face for working so hard to make other people good money. And that’s really what I was doing: Writing my ass off for other people’s profit. So, I changed things.

Here are the earning for one of my sites since June. This site was started and launched in March.

June: $74.06

July: $357.17

August: $624.78

Septemer: $333.93

October: $502.26

Now, JUST ONE SITE is making between $1800 and $2000 (3.5 and 4K!!!) MONTHLY from Amazon alone!

Starting a Blog for the First Time

Somewhere along the line I found places and people that were talking about having their own websites and how they were making money from Adsene and Amazon. But then, 2011 was here and Google put the Internet God Whammy on so many sites and incomes that I fled for the hills and really didn’t put any effort into it. It wasn’t worth, to me; fighting an imaginary monster at the time that I didn’t understand. Google is still a monster but I understand them a little bit better now. Besides, I’m friends with the monsters in my head and under my bed so I figured I could get along with the Big G just fine.

Reading posts and articles at places like the Warrior Forum and other Big Niche Site Guys and Girls blogs made me want a piece of all that money and success so, so desperately. I will not be like some people with these kinds of sites and tell you that I felt the need to “create something” or “to share my knowledge to help others”. Nope. Not at the time. Eff that gaaahbage, as we would say in Massachusetts. I needed and wanted money.

But then, like so many other newbie internet marketers and bloggers, I got impatient and failed. Over and over again.

I started websites along the way but they were horrible; not thought out, no plan, and basically just plain shitty. My first website was about how to make money online and it was called “Blogging Dudes” (circa: 2012 RIP). LOL…I’m such a d-bag. Here I was, not even making any kind of money from blogging and making close to nothing writing and I was trying to teach people how to make money from their websites. Like I said before; sometimes I am an asshole.

Others sites included

-> An Android app review site. I liked it but it never cracked $35 in Adsense earnings in a single month. Scrapped it. (Should’ve sold it on Flippa for a few hundred but I didn’t…)
-> The Men Only Zone about male shaving, grooming, toys, clothes and other products…which was actually ahead of the “man pack” and “shaving sites” craze that is happening now. However, I didn’t know how to monetize it then (idiot!) and I got a lot of gay porn spam comments (this is not to be funny…it really happened) so it wasn’t hitting the write market and I killed it.
-> And about 12 or 13 others sites that did absolutely nothing. All failures but which at the time I was convinced was going to be the next great site that I would sell for six figures.

Plus, countless others. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I scrapped sites and said: “Fuck it. I’m just gonna’ write for Fiverr and WriterAccess and like it. It’s safe. It’s upfront.”

Even this domain that you’re on right now, “ContentKen” was originally bought 1.5 years ago with the intent of selling my freelance content writing services. It never got going, though. I couldn’t compete with bad writers who were selling content at $3 per 600 words. So, eff it. I salvaged the domain and am trying to make it work with this content.

Plain and simply put, I lacked 4 key things needed to build profitable websites that are necessary for them to even have a chance of earning:

The first two things I was missing to be successful were:

Training & Tools

I didn’t know a damn thing about great content, affiliate marketing, link building, choosing the rich niche, outreach, developing relationships online, etc. Today, I have some training and some tools that help me create, build, rank, and earn.

Secondly, I was also missing,

Patience & Focus

This was my biggest enemy. If I had patience I would have at least had the ability to fix the training portion…but I scrapped sites after a month of no traffic. There was no focus, either. After reading about the next awesome thing I would jump over to it and convince myself that what I was doing would never work anyway. So, confidence was an issue too, I guess.

See? None of this is pretty so far.

So, why now? Why am I here trying to help people?

I’m now making money from niche sites.

Because I’m older. I’ve learned a little bit along the way. I’m getting ready to retire from the military and I’m a lot more tired (getting old sucks) now than I ever was which equates to more patience and focus. Maturity, I guess.

So, finally, all those years after Blogging Dudes, I can actually teach and help people do it, as well.

I hope that you continue through these pages and that I can pass something on that might help…even if it is ONLY the mantra I now live by which is:

-> Research, Create, Link, and Monitor.
-> Does it work?
-> If yes then build it out and repeat.
-> If the answerr is “no”, scrap it (hell, sell it on Flippa) and move on to the next.

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