Do it Alone: Use the Tools that I Use

Do it Alone: Use the Tools that I Use

by Ken

Note: This is my working page of awesome and useful tools to get your Amazon niche sites started on the right foot.  I will add and take away products as they become or cease to become useful.  Again, this is under construction, so thanks for your patience

These are the resources that I use when I build my Amazon Review Sites.  I make my personal money sites in the exact same manner as I do the ones that I sell.  I stand by that.  I’m proud of that. However, I understand that you may want to learn how to do this all on your own and the the entire reason that you visited ContentKen in the first place may have been to get pointed in the right direction with Amazon Associates, Amazon Earnings, and Building Amazon Review Sites.

If that’s the case then I wish you best of luck. Sincerely. Below are the tools that I use.  Some are affiliate links but not all of them.  If you do buy or use the service that I recommend below using my affiliate link then I’ll get a commission at no extra cost to you.  Thanks. I appreciate it.

Note: One thing that I don’t do is promote or become and affiliate for all things that offer a program.  If I use it and I like it, I promote it.  

How to Build an Affiliate/Amazon Review/Niche Site/Money Making Blog

I don’t really promote any certain class, course, or site that costs money for creating niche sites.  I really just advocate people getting involved with IM and Amazon Review forums, sites, etc. and learning by doing. It’s the easiest and most effective way of being able to sustain your business.  However, if I had to choose one, then it would be Doug’s Mentor Program.  I’m all about personal attention if I’m spending money and Doug goes all in with those that he mentors.

Besides that here’s my advice: Read, Learn, Do.  Don’t become paralyzed by more reading and more learning.  Just do SOMETHING.  Then, read and learn more.  Tweak. Start over or improve.

Hosting and Domains


I use all of the domain and hosting companies listed below.  And when I say I use them, I use them.  I have money sites and PBN domains registered randomly so that it looks natural and all IPs are unique.


Currently I have only 2 main sites listed and hosted by Bluehost, one of those being Content Ken.  I don’t have any issues with Bluehost.  They’re professional and get back to me with any questions that I have.

Host 9

I have a reseller account on Host 9 where I host some PBNs and a few sites that I’m working on and building out.  Being able to choose different geographical servers for sites created is a huge bonus and one that I highly recommend.  You can even use it as a bonus, i.e. “Buy one of my sites and GET FREE HOSTING FOR  A YEAR!”


I started out with Namecheap and I think they’re really convenient to use.  The monthly payments are great for someone starting out on a small budget.  I use Namecheap for domains and hosting money sites and others.


You might say, “Ken, why 1and1? ”  My answer:  Because of randomness.  It’s nice to have all of your sites spread out a bit.

Keyword Research


Long Tail Pro.  All the way. Ever day.  No doubt about it. It is head and shoulders above and beyond ANY OTHER KEYWORD TOOL OUT THERE.  I am a Platinum member which means that I have a very powerful, very detailed tool that I can use to gauge competition, spy on who’s ranking, and then clobber the hell out of them with better sites and keywords.  It’s just that powerful!



Look, I’m the first to to tell you that conversion is all about good content, the right keywords, and a properly placed call to action.  But, let’s face it, building an Amazon review site is a helluva’ lot easier with a sharp looking theme that does some of that work for you.  For that reason, I recommend the WordPress themes listed below:

Newspaper Theme

It’s my current “I effing love this theme”.  I can do so much with it. It doesn’t have Amazon affiliate particular features but it’s a great theme to go with the idea of changing your focused niche site into a larger, authority site.  Gorgeous fonts, great templates and versatility.  Damn, I am in love with this them.

Ultimate Azon Theme

This is a very complete, ready-to-go, Amazon Review theme for David Nicosia.  I first learned of the theme on Doug’s site, Niche Site Project, and I was lucky enough to win a free copy of the theme.  I love it and I use it on a few of my sites that make money regularly.  Check out the specifics here!



I like to make my own logos when I can with  However, when I can’t there are A LOT of good logo makers on Fiverr that will do nicely for niche sites.

Amazon Plugins and Help


Easy Azon makes it super “easy” to jump into Amazon review content and page building.  You just do a name search of a product in the plugin and you can basically insert whatever kind of link that you want:  image, text, table, bestseller, call to action, info box…  It’s awesome.  Honestly, I think it would be STUPID to have an Amazon niche site and NOT HAVE EazyAzon v.4

I also like to use Dynamic Widgets (a free plugin) and WP Product Review PRO from ThemeIsle which has full integration with Amazon PLUS tables, charts, and comparisons.  Just search for “WPPR” on the ThemeIsle plugin page.