via PBN HQ and Domain Ronin

Expired Domains

via PBN HQ and Domain Ronin

Expired Domains

by Ken

PBN HQ Marketplace

I work for PBN HQ, so naturally they’re my go to place for expired domains to build or expand on your PBN.

The best thing about PBN HQ is that we use a triple SPAM check process.

First, we start out with a one -of-a-kind, automated SPAM checker.  We call it SpamZilla!

Second, our team of highly-trained VA’s check out the domains that made it through Spamzilla (SZ).  As good as SZ is…it’s still a machine and program, so it’s always good to have a pair of human eyes trained to look at these domains.  They check for all of the above to include number of drops of a domain.

Last, a member of the executive team (myself, included) takes a look at each domain for one last quality check before any domain ever hits the marketplace.  The prices are mad good!

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Domain Ronin

As far as expired domain crawlers go, Domain Ronin is the King of the Jungle…she is a true beast!  The most powerful, fastest, intelligent expired domain crawler on the market today.

Extremely Fast

Multi-threaded spider will drastically reduce the time spent looking for expired domains – you can use all that free time to concentrate on your business.

Incredibly Powerful

Extensive filtering and sorting capabilities means you only look at the best and most powerful domains that the Ronin finds for you.

Metrics that Matter

Ronin pulls back the most important metrics from both Moz and Majestic. You’ll be able to see DA, PA, TF, CF, PR as well as the number of back-links to the domain. With one click you can also display all back-links enabling you to quickly see if they are genuine.

Robust and Reliable

Built with reliability in mind, you can leave the Ronin crawling the internet for days if you so choose., constantly building up a private list of available domains that you can do with as you wish.
Compatible with Windows, Mac and Unix.

Availability Mode

Need to check if some domains are available? With Availability Mode you can enter a batch of domains and Ronin will check their availability at blistering speed.  All TLD’s supported, No API accounts required and no Whois server limits imposed.

Metrics Mode

Want to check the latest SEO stats for a bunch of domains? Metrics Mode allows you to do this without burning through your API quotas.  Load in your batch of domains, click start and let Domain Ronin do the rest.

SpamZilla 2.o Integration

What’s the worst part of finding your own domains?  Spam checking them!!

That’s why we’ve built, a propriety spam checker called SpamZilla.  SpamZilla will automatically check your expired domains for 7 different layers of spam while its still crawling!

Proxy Support

If you want to crawl those large IP blocking sites, proxies are a must.  Public Proxies, Private Proxies, BackConnect Proxies and online updating proxies will all work.

Domain Ronin also has a  built in proxy judge and can test your proxies on the fly.  This reduces the connection the amount of bad connections and speeds up your crawling!

Seed List Generation Course

Don’t know what a seed domain is or how to build a seed list?

No problem. Included in your Domain Ronin monthly subscription is access to our Seed List Generation video course.  Once you’ve completed this course you’ll know how to find an endless amount of niche targeted expired domains.

Embedded  Proxies

Worried about the extra cost of using proxies?

You have nothing to worry about as we have embedded proxies for your own crawling. This will allow you to crawl large IP blocking websites such as Wikipedia.

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